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Photo of David Wyers
Name: David Wyers
Age: 9
From: Texas

David Wyers, nine years old when he lived in the Colony, is the youngest child of the Governor's family.

"I thought I would really be bored in the Colony without modern toys and entertainment. But when I got there I found all kinds of neat things to do. My friends and I went exploring every day and had adventures. I miss the rabbit tunnels we crawled through and played in. I also felt really proud of myself when I cut down trees and chopped firewood for my family."

1628 Profile:
The Company has recruited Jeff, a Bristol merchant on the rise, to be the Governor of the Colony. Tammy, his wife, is the daughter of a fellow prominent Bristol merchant. Her father is also a substantial investor in the Colony and Jeff has purchased ten shares of stock himself. Because of his status, investments, family ties and his considerable experience of having managed a large workforce and a growing business, he is a logical choice to lead the Colony as Governor. Although Jeff is not the wealthiest of Merchants, The Colonial House Company has learned from the example of Jamestown founded in 1607, that a leader with such skills is imperative to the success of the Colony. In the early years of Jamestown poor planning was one of the factors that almost lead to its downfall.

Jeff and his family are very devout and for the past three years Jeff has also been a leader and active financial supporter of his local church. He has decided to accept the position of Governor and immigrate for a variety of reasons. First, he wants to protect his family investments, and is excited about the prospect of further opportunities for wealth and obtaining a landed estate in New England. Land has always been the key to being a true gentleman, and Jeff and Tammy want to be members of the gentry, perhaps they can even purchase a title. They believe that they can help the King's cause, and help their kingdom grow in strength and power by aiding in the development of a Colony.

While Jeff oversees the family business, Tammy oversees the children, Bethany, Amy, and David, taking great pains to see they are properly educated. As a young woman, Bethany Wyers still has a few years left in her parents' household before she's expected to marry. The longer she stays with her family, the better, for the Wyers had expected their household servants to do the bulk of the work for them in America but unfortunately, two servants died of disease on the ship's passage over. They are left with only Julia Friese and Paul Hunt as indentured servants, who committed themselves to years of work in return for their passage to the New World. The Wyers now have no choice but to pitch in and work.

The Wyers and their two servants will all live together in the Governor's house. So, while they are in a privileged and deferential position as leaders of the Colony, life will still be a challenge.

Video Diaries:

David offers a youthful perspective on what's fun on the Colony. Watch the video.

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Photo of David Wyers
I felt really proud of myself when I cut down trees and chopped firewood for my family.

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