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Photo of Dave Verdecia
Name: Dave Verdecia
Age: 47
From: California

Dave Verdecia, a firefighter from California, was a freeman in the Colony. He and his family occupied the newest house in the Colony, a home built by Dave and the Colony's other men, using only the basic hand tools available in 1628. For Dave and his family, the experience redefined what it means to provide for their family -- in the 17th century or otherwise -- as they struggled to find their place, literally, in a small community.

"I learned that kids are resilient, and they adapt -- all the kids in the Colony, but mine in particular -- not only adapted, but excelled in learning and in the different things that we had to do. Living in a tight-knit community is emotionally draining, but it has its rewards. The emotional drain, and the stress of that, is probably greater than the physical stress that we undertook. I learned that hard work is a good thing, and I hope that my kids did as well."

1628 Profile:
The Verdecias are a farming family with sturdy yeoman roots.

They have sold a modest farm in a Somerset village in order to start a new life across the Atlantic. Their ancestors have lived in Somerset for several generations, so to migrate is no small matter. They leave behind many loved ones, family and friends.

All three of the Verdecia children are hard workers. The eldest daughter, Maddison, still has a few years left in her parents' household before she's expected to marry.

In part, the family hope for a better life. More than that, however, they are increasingly concerned by the social and political unrest and seeming moral decay of England.

A deeply religious couple, David and Debbie believe that the church is in need of reform. They hope that the New World will provide a fresh start for themselves and their three children, far away from the corruption of England.

Video Diaries:

Dave looks forward to getting a house for his family, and talks about his family. Watch the video.

Dave reflects on what he's learned while living on the Colony. Watch the video.

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Photo of Dave Verdecia
The emotional drain, and the stress of that, is probably greater than the physical stress that we undertook.

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