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Photo of Craig Tuminaro
Name: Craig Tuminaro
Age: 28
From: Virginia

A curator and part-time graduate student from Virginia, Craig Tuminaro is indentured to the Company, living in the Voorhees' house. Although he arrived halfway through the project, he quickly transitioned into a 17th-century workhorse, laboring tirelessly on the Colony's building projects, including spar (ship mast) production and other profit-making ventures.

"The real, and biggest, challenge we as a colony faced was the monotonous routine of colonial living -- getting up each day and starting a fire, cooking food, feeding the animals, chopping woods, carrying logs, etc. -- tasks we performed day after day. For me the real test was being able to get beyond the monotony and boredom, and realize that historically, in between toting water, cooking peas pottage, and splitting logs, the real colonists from the 1620s were able to put together something that ended up being greater than themselves. As a community, the patterns the original colonists established, their successes and defeats, forged a foundation that has lasted for generations, up into the present. It has been said that the United States was built upon the great accomplishments of great men and women, but we discovered that it also stands upon the hard work and labor of countless people who performed these 'mind-numbing tasks,' day after day after day."

1628 Profile:
Craig is one of the many young men of Bristol looking for work. He has held a variety of odd jobs but cannot find lasting employment amid the region's depressed economy.

Since he was a child, he has heard about Virginia and been very interested in this prosperous colony. Now he is excited by the prospect of a solid job and the chance to be a part of another colony.

Although he has little experience in carpentry, Craig has always been interested in the construction of buildings. He knows there will be a lot of construction in the new settlement and is keen to be as involved as possible in the venture.

He signs an indenture to work for the Colonial House Company and will answer to the Governor. Like so many other new settlers, he leaves behind many family and friends.

Video Diaries:

Craig shares his thoughts on religion, both today and in 1628. Watch the video.

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Photo of Craig Tuminaro
The patterns the original colonists established, their successes and defeats, forged a foundation that has lasted for generations.

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