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Photo of Danny Tisdale
Name: Danny Tisdale
Age: 45
From: New York

Danny Tisdale is a visual artist teaching at a high school in New York City. He is also the publisher of HARLEM WORLD magazine. On the Colony, he is a freeman; as the oldest freeman, he is head of the freemen's household.

"As I expected, the project solidified my love for this country, as a American of African descent whose ancestors shed their blood in this soil for a better life for me. It also confirmed my appreciation of the ideals for the men and women who were here originally and who came from other lands to create this great diamond in the rough that we have today. I better understand that democracy is not guaranteed, and that my participation is required to keep and enhance it; for me this is one of the greatest gifts of the project."

1628 Profile:
Dan is a single man from Bristol, a sailor who has traveled throughout much of the known world. When in Bristol, he captivates and inspires large crowds of adults and children alike, as he tells his stories of the distant lands and wonders he has seen. Some of these tales have even been written down and published by a local printer.

Shipboard life can be hard work, but it gives Dan a chance to fulfill his quest for knowledge and adventure. On board, he has learned a variety of skills, including drawing and map making. This may prove useful, as he will be able to improve upon the few existing maps of the Colony. He has sailed to Virginia and New England before, so he has been recruited in the hope that his knowledge will be useful.

Dan has been able to use his savings to furnish and prepare a household with the hopes of marrying in the New World. Until this happens, he will share his household with the other single men of the Colony-Don and Dominic. As their elder, he will be an authority in the household, helping to keep the younger single men in line.

Video Diaries:

Danny expresses the importance of paying back the Company that financed the 1628 Colony. Watch the video.

Danny comments on the imagery involved with his being punished in a manner appropriate to 1628. Watch the video.

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Photo of Danny Tisdale
This is my history. I love it. I love the ideals this country was founded on.

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