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Photo of Clare Samuels
Name: Clare "Gindy" Samuels
Age: 27
From: England

Clare "Gindy" Samuels, from England, joined the Colony with the new arrivals halfway through the project, and went to work for the governor as an indentured servant. Soon after her arrival, the governor assigned her to cook for the freemen -- a task she feared was beyond her skills, as she rarely cooks in her 21st-century life.

"The best moments for me were: Daily chats with Craig on the rock; sleeping in the sun; sitting on the rock gazing at the ocean; seeing the incredible sunsets; having the happiest of birthdays without a penny changing hands; morning chats with Michelle after the men had gone to work; drinking wine and card playing in the evenings; conversations and debates by candlelight at the Heinz house. I am so thankful to God for the gift of memory. I relive much in my mind daily, I miss the closeness of newfound friends, miss the depth of sharing, miss the simplicity of life, and shall always be grateful to the team who selected me to be part of that amazing project. To them, and each colonist, I shall always be grateful."

1628 Profile:
Clare was born in the north of England, the daughter of farmers. Her family migrated south to Bristol when they were forced out of their village by enclosure. Enclosure was the process where wealthy landlords threw entire villages of tenants off land their families had farmed for hundreds of years. It was a huge problem for thousands of Englishmen in the early 1600s.

The Samuels, like many victims of enclosure, believed that the cities held the promise of work, so they migrated to Bristol. Unfortunately, with many more people flocking to the city than there were jobs, it has been a difficult life for them.

Clare has held a variety of jobs, often working in taverns. With no money for a dowry, she has not been able to attract a suitable husband and at age 27 she will soon be considered a spinster.

Clare joins the Colonial House Colony as an indentured servant. It's a good opportunity for work and hopefully for finding a husband. She leaves behind her parents and her brother, though they might follow her should the colony prove successful. Clare is indentured to the Governor, the company's top official in the New World.

Video Diaries:

Clare talks about work, friendships, and her experiences on the Colony. Watch the video.

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Photo of Clare Samuels
I relive much in my mind daily, I miss the closeness of newfound friends, miss the depth of sharing, and miss the simplicity of life.

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