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Photo of Dominic Muir
Name: Dominic Muir
Age: 26
From: London, England

Dominic Muir is a private tutor from London in modern-day life. In the Colony he was a single freeman and served as the quartermaster, responsible for rationing out supplies from the food store such as dried peas and salted pigs' feet.

Reflections: "I witnessed and learned about: the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity; the power of prayer; being so happy and having such fun with so little 'stuff'; and that log fires are better to watch than televisions. I felt close to God and close to peas and oats. It was humbling and fantastic and I miss it."

1628 Profile:
Dominic is the middle child and second son in the junior branch of a prominent London gentry family. He is from a position of privilege and is unaccustomed to hard labor, though he sometimes helps to oversee the family's rural estate. He went to the finest school in the kingdom, Eton College, along with other sons of the aristocracy. However, as a junior member of the family he does not stand to inherit much of an estate. He has heard of the fabled wealth of the New World, where it is possible to pick up nuggets of gold and silver off the ground. So, he invests in the company and becomes a colonist, in hopes of finding adventure and wealth. He is willing to work the land and secure it for himself and his family name.

Video Diaries:

Dominic reflects on what he's learned while living on the Colony. Watch the video.

Dominic talks about the dirtiness of 1628 life. Watch the video.

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Photo of Dominic Muir
I felt close to God and close to peas and oats. It was humbling and fantastic and I miss it.

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