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Photo of Jeff Lin
Name: Jeff Lin
Age: 27
From: Minnesota

Jeff Lin, a software engineer from Minnesota, arrived halfway through the project to become a servant indentured to the Company, living in the Voorhees' house. He is a hard worker and his labor, together with that of the other male servants and freemen of the Colony, provided the foundations of the building of the Colony. A fiddle player, Jeff often entertained the Colony.

"In our modern lives, we are surrounded by stimuli that grab our attention and occupy our minds. On the Colony we were deprived of any modern entertainment, so in our free time we engaged with each other one human being to another. Human interaction builds strong relationships, which leads to respect for one another. With so many people in the village, there was no way that all the colonists would necessarily be best friends with one another, but at the least we would find ways to respect and admire each other. Friendship transcends all boundaries if one allows it to, and the strength of our relationships meant looking past our 21st-century barriers. Community took on a whole new meaning for me throughout the project. We depended on each other for food, shelter, entertainment, work, and guidance. In a sense, our lives were sustained by the efforts of the entire Colony, and as a result we became one tightly woven family."

1628 Profile:
Jeffrey has worked as a clerk for a Bristol merchant for some years, and yearns to escape the boredom of the warehouse. He is physically active and often plays a rowdy street game called football. When not playing sports, he is often in the middle of gatherings playing the fiddle.

The merchant Jeffrey works for provides provisions for the colony and is also a shareholder in the Colonial House Company. Jeffrey has heard of the need for workers in New England and is willing to leave behind his parents and his sister, for the lure of the adventure and the promise of opportunity.

He signs an indenture to work for the Colonial House Company for the term of seven years and will answer to the Governor.

Video Diaries:

Jeff talks about the hierarchical structure of life in 1628. Watch the video.

Jeff explains why he wants the challenge of doing women's work. Watch the video.

Jeff emphasizes the importance of the history of Native Americans. Watch the video.

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Photo of Jeff Lin
In a sense, our lives were sustained by the efforts of the entire Colony, and as a result we became one tightly woven family.

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