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Photo of Jack Lecza
Name: Jack Lecza
Age: 47
From: New Hampshire

A management consultant and former corporate officer from New Hampshire, Jack Lecza was a late arrival to the Colony, assuming the powerful role of cape merchant and treasurer. His job was to take stock of the Colony's economic progress and motivate the Colony to work harder.

"I absolutely loved living at the Colony, and my only regret is that my wife and children didn't experience the wonder with me. As we talk about it I see their interest in many of the activities we undertook. They have numerous questions and are curious about the social, political, religious, and physical aspects of the colony. I try to share everything, but what I can't share are my thoughts at the instant that every remarkable event occurred. That can only be lived, and it is my deepest wish that we can, as a family, experience the profound importance and incredible satisfaction I experienced in my brief life at the Colony for the remainder of our lives."

1628 Profile:
Jack Lecza is a successful merchant, a member of one of the most wealthy and prominent of Bristol merchants. His family is among the leading shareholders in the Colonial House Company and he personally owns 20 shares in the company. He has had prolonged stays in many different ports of Europe, serving as his family's trading agent.

As expenses for the Colony have begun to grow, the Leczas and other shareholders have grown increasingly eager to see a quick return on their profits. The Company has appointed Jack Lecza to serve as Treasurer and Cape Merchant (head of all merchant operations), charged with seeing that the Colony is run efficiently and profitably, with many exports flowing back to Bristol. He shall keep the Company regularly informed of the Colony's progress, problems, and prospects and will be able to provide the officials in Bristol with a merchant's assessment of the Colony. He has also been given a seat on the Colony's council and will therefore partake in the governing of the Colony, ensuring that the laws and social standards of England are maintained.

A letter from the Company to the Governor is accompanying Jack Lecza, instructing the Governor to provide full cooperation to him in carrying out his offices. It also instructs the Governor to provide a house and servants for him since he is a wealthy and leading official of the Colony.

Jack Lecza leaves behind his wife, son, and daughter in Bristol. Although his stay in the Colony will not be permanent, it is likely he will remain in residence for up to a year. His family has invested in a series of joint-stock companies and overseas ventures in the past; while most have been profitable, one or two have been disastrous failures that cost them dearly. Therefore, it is Jack Lecza's personal and professional responsibility to make sure that this does not happen again.

Video Diaries:

Jack reflects on what he's learned while living on the Colony. Watch the video.

Jack talks about the importance of a strong work ethic, than and now. Watch the video.

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Photo of Jack Lecza
I absolutely loved living at the Colony, and my only regret is that my wife and children didn't experience the wonder with me.

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