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Photo of Carolyn Heinz
Name: Carolyn Heinz
Age: 62
From: California

Carolyn Heinz is a professor of Anthropology in the modern world. In the Colony, she assumes the challenge of a Lay Preacher's wife, helping to avoid upsetting the severe social and religious codes that effectively silenced women in the 17th century.

"Being a 17th-century colonist was possibly the hardest time of my life; I'm glad I did it, and I'm glad it's over. It will always be a part of me -- a brief, tough stretching of my imagination back to my ancestors' experience of the New World."

1628 Profile:
The Company has recruited Don to be the religious leader of the Colony. This position is seen as crucial to the success of the venture. Don will oversee the spiritual and moral life of the Colony in this early stage of its existence. As an older member within the community, he is viewed as a Wise Elder. Therefore, the Company has also appointed him to the office of Assistant, offering advice to the Governor in matters of importance.

Don and Carolyn are lesser members of the gentry who have inherited few financial resources. Don, a graduate of Oxford University, was for many years an ordained Church of England minister. He has served in several different communities, but seems to have run out of challenges in their current parish in Gloucestershire, just outside Bristol. Several friends and parishioners are merchants who are substantial investors in the Colonial House Company. As an incentive, the Company has given him four additional shares of stock, a tidy investment that could help the family improve their status. This, the challenge, and the sense of adventure, has lured Don from his current modest post.

It is likely that once a church is organized Don will be the pastor, though this will not happen for some time. In the meantime, the Company and Governor have given Don the authority to organize religious exercises.

As a good wife, Carolyn has dutifully followed Don throughout his career. Women of the day did not attend university, however Carolyn's gentry family valued education so she was privately tutored. Carolyn in particular regrets leaving their grown children behind, but she takes solace in knowing that their investment in the Company may improve their children's lot in life. Some of the children may join them in a year or two. Indeed, this could prove to be a wonderful opportunity for the entire family.

Since their children are grown, Don and Carolyn are bringing with them an indentured servant, Jonathon Allen, to share their home and their workload.

Video Diaries:

Carolyn expresses her desire to reciprocate the generosity of the Native Americans. Watch the video.

Don and Carolyn want the Colony to build a church. Watch the video.

Don and Carolyn discuss the potential benefits of a school on the Colony. Watch the video.

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Photo of Carolyn Heinz
Being a 17th-century colonist was possibly the hardest time of my life.

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