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Photo of Julia Friese
Name: Julia Friese
Age: 25
From: Pennsylvania

As an educator at a children's museum in Philadelphia, Julia Friese was willing to give up her independent lifestyle to follow her 1628 role as authentically as possible. She was an indentured servant to the Governor's family.

"It is amazing how what may initially seem like an utterly desperate existence can seamlessly morph into an absolutely reasonable and surprisingly tolerable way of life. Bathing once a week (at the most), and sanitation standards that would make even a fraternity boy blush, all became just normal. I entered into the project expecting that the physical discomforts would be the most challenging aspects. Little did I know that the emotional trials would dwarf any physical hurdles."

1628 Profile:
Julia is from a working class Bristol family. Very independent, a few years ago she took the unusual step of breaking off an arranged marriage, leaving her with few prospects other than service. She has been a household servant to a Bristol family ever since, performing general household duties and also helping to look after the family's small children. When Julia heard of the Colony she leapt at the opportunity to journey to the New World. She could one day have her own household with land attached. Although she would have to marry for these prospects, land is more than she could have expected in England. Julia left her servant's post and sought a new one with a family migrating to the New World. Upon approaching the Wyers, they insisted that Julia indenture herself to them for a period of nine years, and in return, they would pay her passage. As an indentured servant, Julia will lose her wages and the freedom to leave her post at any time. Further, as a female indentured servant she will gain less than male indentured servants. Nevertheless, as she set out to do, she secured her passage to the New World.

Video Diaries:

Julia talks about Christianity and the benefits of religious debate. Watch the video.

Impressed by those around her, Julia strives to get to know herself better. Watch the video.

Julia reflects on what she's learned while living on the Colony. Watch the video.

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Photo of Julia Friese
Bathing once a week, and sanitation standards that would make even a fraternity boy blush, all became just normal.

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