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Photo of Jonathon Allen
Name: Jonathon Allen
Age: 24
From: South Carolina

Jonathon Allen is a graduate student from South Carolina. He lived with the Heinz couple as their only indentured servant. As a servant to the academics of the community, and as the younger person in the household, Jonathan carried out all the physical work -- chopping firewood, fetching water, building fences, and wattling and daubing walls -- in addition to his duty to the Colony of caring for the animals.

"As far as I'm concerned, I stepped into a machine and was suddenly jolted into the community-driven, seemingly poverty-stricken world of 1628 -- and the first reaction I had was that this is not necessarily an era to be romanticized ... not at ALL! I had not the vaguest idea of how much labor, strength, perseverance, determination, and focus was required to not only make your Colony successful and eventually thriving, but to simply survive as an individual and not be inundated by the many impasses, hardships, and setbacks that gripped early colonial settlers after venturing to the New World."

1628 Profile:
Jonathon is of sturdy yeoman stock. He proved to be a good student in school, so his father stretched family resources to send him off to Oxford to study-the first member of his family to do so. Unfortunately, his father died during his first term at university, leaving his family in greatly reduced circumstances, so he was forced to leave. Not long after leaving university he nearly died from a serious illness. So in a brief span of time, Jonathon saw his prospects for a bright future rapidly diminish. Fortunately, he regained his health and shortly after learned that a parish minister and his wife, Don and Carolyn Heinz, were getting ready to depart for New England and were in need of a servant. Though at one time it might have been beneath him, he agreed to indenture himself for seven years to the Heinz, in return for their paying for his passage to New England and for the prospect of owning land at the end of his term of service. Seven years is a long time, but Jonathon knows that he has few prospects for a prosperous life in England, and after his recent ordeals he wishes for a new beginning.

Video Diaries:

Jonathon talks about religion and his "spiritual retreat." Watch the video.

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Photo of Jonathon Allen
This is not necessarily an era to be romanticized ... not at ALL!

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