Colonial House Picture of the colony
Meet the Colonists Behind the Scenes Interactive History Media Gallery
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Introduction Video Audio Photos
New in the Media Gallery: See photos of the participants hard at work on the colony
F rom snapshots of the training to vistas of the scenery to insights from the colonists, this section captures specific moments from the Colony and the experience. Video and audio clips present the participants as they assess 1628 from a contemporary perspective. Large-sized photos and captions demonstrate both the beauty and the drudgery of life on the Colony. And a map, hand drawn by one of the colonists, portrays the Colony through the eyes of those who lived there.
Explore Map of the Colony -- See the village as the colonists saw it. Video Audio -- The colonists discuss their frustrations, triumphs, and more.
History Feature:

Use modern technology to explore the colonial era.
Watch the colonists describe their experiences.
Photo of young woman carrying basket
Photos -- See the colony from a variety of perspectives and angles.
Photo of colonists sitting
Watch video diaries and clips of daily life in the colony.
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