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Governor's House (interior)
Freemen's House (interior)
Ovens and Colony
Houses and the Land
The Scenery
The Storage Room

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What kind of clothing did 1628 colonists wear? Find out in Dress Me Up.

375 Years Ago at 360 Degrees - See Panoramic Views and Learn More About the Colony -- the nature, the village, the interiors, and more.
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To view this piece: You will need the free QuickTime plug-in. QuickTime works on the PC and the Mac. The images may not load immediately.

Instructions: To rotate the images, simply click and drag the mouse to move each picture in the direction of your choice. Also, you can zoom in and out by using the "+" and "-" controls at the bottom left.

Historical information throughout this section has been provided by Plimoth Plantation. Most of the panoramas also include visual highlights, which allow you to click on pictures below for details on specific items.

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