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The Native American Story
By John Bear Mitchell

The oral tradition of my people parallels the European documented history of the time: It has been told that Passamaquoddy and Penobscot relationships with the English existed as a mutual relationship from 1624 to 1630 ... More

A Historian Awakens 1628
By Emerson "Tad" Baker

I was first contacted about consulting for COLONIAL HOUSE in the fall of 2002. By that time the production team had decided upon filming in Maine ...

The Training
By Liz Lodge

In the spring of 2003, 17 would-be colonists arrived at Plimoth Plantation for an intensive two-week training session, designed to prepare them for life in early 17th-century New England ... More

Building the Colony
By Stuart Bolton

Throughout the early 17th century, European ships arrived to the coast of the Native-American homelands of New England ... More

Religion on the Colony
By Charles Hambrick-Stowe

My involvement as a consultant for COLONIAL HOUSE came about because of my dual vocation as a historian of American religion and a Christian minister ... More

Candid Camera
By Paul Cabana

Diary cameras were pivotal in documenting each person's once-in-a-lifetime journey ... More

The Longest Day
By Kari Lia Wallerstein

I'm sure everyone on the project can remember one day that was absolutely relentless ... More

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