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Introduction Interview with the Executive Producer Colonial Life, Then and Now

Interview With the Executive Producer.
Find out why this is not reality TV, examine the challenges of creating a 1628 colony, learn about the fine line between exploring and cheating, and much more.

Choose a Question:
How did the idea of COLONIAL HOUSE come about? Go!

Why did you choose the year 1628 on the East Coast? Go!

Unlike early colonists, the COLONIAL HOUSE group is racially diverse. Why did you make that decision? Go!

Some of the participants are British. Did you notice particular differences -- beyond the individual personalities -- between the British and the American participants that might be attributed to our views as opposed to their views of the colonial era? Go!

How has COLONIAL HOUSE been different from and similar to the other "House" shows? Go!

What lessons from FRONTIER HOUSE were useful, helpful, and applicable to COLONIAL HOUSE? Go!

What about the selection process? Were there any major differences from FRONTIER HOUSE? Did you have any particular challenges that weren't anticipated? Go!

Was there any cheating? Go!

What were your impressions about the group dynamics? Go!

Can you describe the relationship between the colonists and the production team? Go!

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