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What were your impressions about the group dynamics?


Interestingly on the group dynamics, you had asked the question earlier about the British and the Americans coming to the project from a different place. We did give them roles in that we took who they are in the modern world and tried to assign them to a place in 1628 with a stricter hierarchy, and to a large extent based on the fact that someone needed to be in charge of this commercial enterprise. You have to have a leader; and so they did have roles in the community, and those roles became much more important than who they were outside. It didn't matter who were the Brits or Americans, but it sure did matter who were the indentured servants and who was the governor, as far as their relationship in the colony. And those roles became very real to them.

The indentured servant really did see what it was to be an indentured servant and to be close to a family but at the same time not on equal standing with that family. The lay preacher went along with exploring the religion and that was his goal because we assigned a religious person to that, and he was trying to bridge modern religious belief and ancient religious belief, and he hoped he could bring everyone together to do that. But it turned out that not all the colonists, whether it was law or not, wanted to attend the Sabbath services.

So there was some conflict in there with the roles they were assigned because they had to go to this place and live the way it really would have been, which became hugely important and very real so that it affected everything from how hard they had to work to what personal choices and personal freedoms they had. And that was really interesting.

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