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What lessons from FRONTIER HOUSE were useful, helpful, and applicable to COLONIAL HOUSE?


One really important lesson is: understanding that this experience is profound for the participants. So is finding people who really want to go through it for the right reasons, which to us is always that they have something that they want to explore in history, that they don't just want to be on television. Finding an interesting mix of people who genuinely want to have this time-travel journey is incredibly important. And we knew that going into FRONTIER HOUSE, but FRONTIER HOUSE really underlined that for us.

Trying to isolate them from the modern world is something we did in FRONTIER HOUSE, but we had episodes where they interacted with the modern world. And in FRONTIER HOUSE they argued that that was what they had to do to survive. It was even more of a challenge in a coastal community with this many people, trying to be able to isolate them. But we continue to believe that it's very important that they be isolated because any time they interact, they break the bubble with the modern world.

Things did happen and things do happen and we did have a young man who put an axe through his hand, and he absolutely was taken out and went to the emergency room. A dog was filled with porcupine quills and he was taken out and went to the vet. We had all kinds of things happen where we did have to interact with the modern world, but each time it's an adjustment for the colonist who goes outside because we're asking a lot of them to really live in 1628, and when they suddenly find themselves at the emergency room in their funny clothes and their funny hats, smelling to high heaven because they don't bathe, they have a moment of "What the heck am I doing," and you've got to get them back into that bubble.

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