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How has COLONIAL HOUSE been different from and similar to the other "House" shows?


The big difference is in how we set it up: the goal was to form a successful colony. And we have a group of advisors who helps us define "successful." Successful in an economic judgment: They have a budget and they have a certain amount of goods they come with, and they're supposed to grow things and make things and trade things, and then be in a better economic position at the end of the experience. The other factor is the more general social goal of looking at community. That was something we didn't do in FRONTIER HOUSE. In FRONTIER HOUSE the goal was: How would each family be set up to get through the winter that was coming? Which ended up, somewhat unexpectedly to us, pitting the FRONTIER HOUSE participants against each other in a competition.

In this case, we set the goal to be something broader with more people, which I can say from an economic and management standpoint was much more complicated and difficult because you had more than 20 people who had to extricate themselves from normal modern American life, go through this experience, and then be sent back. You need clothes for all of them, and you need dishes for all of them, and you need -- well, they didn't have underwear, so you don't need underwear for all of them -- but it's an amazing array of garments and living supplies that we have to pull together. It's much more ambitious, it's more complicated, and it's a bolder goal, to create a successful community.

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