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Some of the participants are British. Did you notice particular differences -- beyond the individual personalities -- between the British and the American participants that might be attributed to our views as opposed to their views of the colonial era?


It's so hard to answer that, because the key of making this project is that it's a combination of British and American. We have British partners and this show will be on British television, and it was actually at their request that we included British participants. But it added a layer of inquiry in that it is a different experience for modern Americans and for them.

To the British participants, I think it was probably in some ways more true to what the real first colonists went through. Because they're going to a foreign land; they have no idea what to expect. Meanwhile, the American participants were going to debunk the pilgrim myth, which is a very different thing. Will you see them wearing funny hats with shoe buckles on them? The answer is no. They didn't and they don't. They have brightly colored clothing and they look totally different than you might expect.

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