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Why did you choose the year 1628 on the East Coast?


Sixteen twenty-eight was an early colonial time, when it would be true isolation for these people. Or some isolation -- they did interact with the Native Americans, which we try to cover in the series. They did occasionally do trading parties, which would interact with other colonies. But it was the early days, and it was a time before the Massachusetts Bay Puritan colony became one of the larger colonies.

There were many small colonies up and down the East Coast, and they were economic ventures started by people from Europe. And that's an idea I don't think a lot of people are aware of: that it was imperial capitalism that got this country going, and it was a different time and a different place; and we do try to get inside the idea of that. Because it was a time when religion was important and religion was driving people apart and bringing other people together, and those are themes that we explore in the series.

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