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Can you describe the relationship between the colonists and the production team?


It's an amazing but complicated relationship, in a way, to follow their every move. But in another sense you're the Company, because we're the ones who acquire for them the tools and technologies of 1628, and they challenge you. Our lay preacher is also somewhat of a history buff, and he would challenge us on whether we'd have the right things -- that he might want something he doesn't have. And so he would challenge us to get it, so there's a lot of back and forth.

It's a complicated and interesting relationship between the production team and the colonists, but there's also an incredibly close relationship because you do see each other all the time. You created the experience for them, but at the same time you try to stay out of how it plays out. And at the same time they know you're introducing events into it, such as the Native Americans. The colonists know we know when the Native Americans are going to come, because obviously we want to be there when they come. So it can create some tension, but it's also a closeness.

It goes through all the stages of a relationship, starting with "Oh, isn't this fun! We're going to have the best time together!" to "You didn't let me have enough toys! I can't stand you anymore!" to near the end, when everybody's crying because they don't want this thing to be over. I know that our village was taken down last week and I literally got a tear in my eye today just watching video in the rushes of one of the edits coming together, thinking that this thing we created was real -- it was there. It's gone, and now it's not gone because we have this TV show going out in May. Thank gosh it's not gone, but to me in a huge way that real tactile village is gone, and it's sad and makes me cry and I would imagine those who lived there would feel it even more so.

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