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These publications have been prepared for educators and interested readers to accompany THE SECRET LIFE OF THE BRAIN. One set of materials is targeted at teens, ages 14-17, and the other is for adults, ages 18 and older.

Teen Guide
These materials are designed to help young people understand fascinating brain and science-related issues. The illustrated guide is designed as easily reproducible individual pages to be used in informal education settings, along with separate facilitator's pages. The materials include program descriptions, an exploration of topics of particular interest to young people, and engaging questions that focus on important themes from the series. The student pages provide fascinating activities, a cartoon about brain development and other entertaining visuals, as well as profiles of scientists and suggestions for exploring science careers. The guide includes lists of resources and a glossary.

Download Teen Guide
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Adult Guide
The Adult Guide is designed for use in adult education, staff training and community health workshops. Designed as easily reproducible pages, the package examines the overarching importance of the brain from birth to old age and discusses brain-related illness and disability. It includes program descriptions, patient profiles, original essays on such topics as plasticity, and an overview of neuroscience for each program. Discussion questions, activities, and research projects will make workshops interesting and help to encourage further exploration. The guide also includes resource listings and a glossary.

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Full-color Brain
The third document is a full color picture of the brain, for your reference.

Download Full-color Brain
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15,000 each, of the Teen Guides and the Adult Guides, are being distributed to public television stations, partner organizations, and formal educational venues. 15,000 adult Guides will also be available to public television stations and partner organizations.

Obtaining Copies
While supplies last, individuals can request them by e-mailing us at Please briefly describe how you plan to use the materials. You also may mail requests to Teen Brain Guide or Adult Guide, PO Box 245, Little Falls, New Jersey 07424-0245.