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Welcome to the Online Outreach Center of THE SECRET LIFE OF THE BRAIN!

The Online Outreach Center brings you resources and tools, and gives our entire outreach community the opportunity to work together.

The Secret Life of the Brain
Richard Restak, M.D.

A clear, comprehensive and beautifully illustrated companion book by best-selling author and renowned neuropsychiatrist Richard Restak, reveals what brain science is uncovering about the mysteries and magic of the brain from birth to old age. For more information, visit The Dana Press. To order a copy, visit the Joseph Henry Press.

Our outreach materials are designed to inspire high school students, as well as the adult audience, to learn more about the normal development and major disorders of the brain from conception through old age. The outreach includes a special focus on teens to generate excitement and enthusiasm for science among youth of all backgrounds, demonstrate the relevance of science to everyday lives, support curricula with related activities in informal settings, and encourage careers in science. For adults, the series, print materials, and online will be used in staff training and community health workshops to examine the ways the brain changes from birth to old age and to raise awareness about brain-related illness and disability.

The goals for the outreach effort are:
  • Support science curricula with related activities in informal settings.
  • Generate a greater interest in science and in pursuing science-related activities in a variety of settings among youth of all backgrounds.
  • Reach minority, disadvantaged, female, and other underserved youth populations to excite them about science, develop general science literacy, foster an understanding of the relationship of science to their everyday lives, and encourage the pursuit of careers in science.
  • Inform the audience of the place of science in a variety of aspects of contemporary life and of the critical role that knowledge in these areas plays in many social and political decisions to enable the audience to make responsible decisions about issues in their own lives.
  • Provide an adult audience with a background and understanding of basic principles of science and foster an excitement and enthusiasm for further exploration.

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