The Secret Life of the Brain
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episode 1: The Baby's Brain
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Episode 1 Resources

General | Anatomy | Scanning

Children's Hospital Boston
Glossary, FAQ, research on early development.

All about Childhood Cataract
From the Royal National Institue for the Blind in England.

The Pediatric Glaucoma & Cataract Family Association

The Information Service of the Canadian Ophthalmological Society

CHDD Center
Center on Human Development and Disability: A comprehensive interdisciplinary center

General Resources

Dana Foundation
Provides information on all aspects of the brain and brain science

Neuroscience for Kids
One of the best and most comprehensive brain-related sites on the web

Fun, interactive features that teach kids about a variety of science topics

Brain Basics at the NIH brain_basics_know_your_brain.htm
A brain primer from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Exploring the Senses
Activies showing the connection between the brain and our five senses

Brain Backgrounders Glossary Publications/BrainBackgrounders/index.html
Definitions for common neuroscience terms.

Neurosurgery On Call
An introduction to neurosurgery with resources for patients and physicians.


The Whole Brain Atlas
View detailed brain scans

Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections
View and compare the brains of all sorts of species

Gray's Anatomy
The classic anatomy book is now online.

Probe the Brain
Interactive feature that shows what parts of the brain control movement

An amazing Java applet that allows you to explore the brain

Brain Scanning

How Stuff Works: MRI


Infant Vision
Infant Vision
Look through the eyes of a newborn.
Infant Cataracts FAQ
Infant Cataracts FAQ
The answers to your questions.
Video Clips

Take a closer look at the birth of a brain.

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