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African Arts and Music
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In this lesson, students will gain an overview of the art and music that represent the diverse regions of Africa. They will read picture books, listen to folktales, and research the history of Kente cloth. They will have opportunities to create original art, learn about and make African crafts, listen to selections of African music, and explore numerous Web sites that depict images of many different kinds of art forms. They will also create and act out a dramatic presentation based on what they have learned about Africa.

    1. Students will conduct Internet research focusing on various geographical areas of Africa and diverse images of its people and landforms.

    2. Students will engage in reading and writing activities to gain knowledge of Africa.

    3. Students will create original art based on what they have the learned about African culture.

    4. Students will be exposed to a variety of African music.

    5. Students will read and act a folktale. Students will write a script, cast actors and actresses, build a set, create costumes, and act out a presentation based on a chosen folktale. 6. Students will study African carvings and masks, and create an art project based on their research.

    7. Students will study the origin of Kente cloth and create a project using what they have learned.

    8. Students will conduct Internet research.

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