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African Arts and Music
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Introductory Activity One: Scavenger Hunting
Introductory Activity Two: What Does Africa Look Like?

Introductory Activity Three: Picture Books

Learning Activity One: A Musical & Artistic Experience
Learning Activity Two: An Imaginary Diary

Learning Activity Three: Thumb Pianos & Djembe Drums

Learning Activity Four: African Masks & Carvings

Learning Activity Five: Kente Cloth
Learning Activity Six: A Dramatic Tale

Introductory Activity One: Scavenger Hunting

This activity will provide students with a brief overview of the country; however, the primary focus of these lessons is on the art and music of Africa.
    1. Allow students to explore the following Web sites to get a brief overview of Africa:

    2. Read aloud, ³Interesting Facts about Africa's Geography² on Kids-Zone countries in Africa

    3. Divide the class into small research groups and have them go to the Yahooligans Web site at www.yahooligans.com to conduct an Internet search on Africa. Ask each group of students to collect five interesting facts about Africa.

    4. Create a class chart entitled ³Amazing Africa² using these facts. Update the list as students learn new information about Africa throughout the course of the African Art & Music lesson.

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Introductory Activity Two: What Does Africa Look Like?

This introductory activity will provide students with some varied images that will help develop their background knowledge about the continent of Africa.

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Introductory Activity Three: Picture Books

Picture books are an excellent resource to enhance studentsı learning about a new topic. The following activity is designed to provide images and ideas that will help students develop beginning reference points for further understanding the music and art of Africa.
    1. Share picture books about Africa with your class. The following are some suggestions to begin with:
      The Adventures of Spider : West African Folktales by Joyce Cooper Arkhurst, Jerry Pinkney(Illustrator)

      Ashanti to Zulu: African Traditions Margaret Musgrove Leo Dillon (Editor) Diane Dillon (Illustrator)

      Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain: A Nandi Tale Verna Aardema Beatriz Vidal (Illustrator)

      The following Web site contains an extensive list of books on African literature:

    2. Have the students create their own "Africa Picture Books." They can draw images, use magazine pictures, make copies of pictures in books, or use the Internet as a resource. Encourage them to use pictures that focus on the art, music and culture of Africa.

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