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african arts and music
In this lesson, students will create original art, learn about and make African crafts, listen to selections of African music, and explore numerous Web sites that depict images of many different kinds of art forms. They will also create and act out a dramatic presentation based on what they have learned about Africa.

where in africa
In Where in Africa?, students will learn about the diversity of countries, peoples and geography that exist on the continent of Africa. They will construct a pictorial and a cultural map of the African continent. Students will read accounts of the daily lives of African youths from a variety of countries.

eco challenges
Students will address two of the more pressing issues confronting continental Africa -- the related concerns of growing desertification and the scarcity of clean water. Students will examine these issues within the context of Africa's economic development and the impact they have upon Africans.

exploring african culture
In this lesson, students will explore the role of oral tradition in African cultures. They will read articles about the daily lives of people in several African countries, and create a mock interview based on the information. Students will create a culinary report on the kinds of foods popular in different African countries and discuss how a country's history, geography and economy influence the kinds of food people eat. Indigenous religions as well as traditional and modern art, and music in Africa will be explored.

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