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In this lesson, students will address two of the more pressing issues confronting continental Africa — the related concerns of growing desertification and the scarcity of clean water. Students will examine these issues within the context of Africa’s development and the environmental, economic, and personal impact it has upon its citizens. More specifically, students will explore a variety of Internet resources, learn about Africa’s geography and natural resources, read and respond to African art and literature, and write and produce a documentary-style news broadcast report.

    1. Students will conduct Internet research about Africa.

    2. Students will read and respond to literature about Africa.

    3. Students will become familiar with the geography and climate of varied regions of Africa.

    4. Students will compose a news script highlighting what they have learned about issues of desertification and water.

    5. Students will create a class presentation.

    6. Students will engage in reading and writing activities.

    7. Students will analyze a variety of issues surrounding desertification and water use in Africa and their impact on the environment and economy.

    8. Students will create projects reflecting their understanding of geographic, climatic, and economic issues.

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