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series profile: Flora Salonik

Love first drew Flora, a native of Arusha, Tanzania, to the pristine isolation of the Serengeti. An attachment to the land keeps her there.

Life in the Dorobo village of Kinjungo is lonely and strenuous. Flora's husband is often away from home looking for food. Alone, she cares for the couple's children and tends the plots of maize and beans. A city-bred outsider, Flora is not accepted by the other Dorobo women. Nor can she seek other distractions: The nearest town to her tiny farming settlement is 80 miles away.

For 11 years, this has been her life. Arusha, a bustling metropolis of 400,000 , suddenly beckons. After walking 160 miles over four days, Flora arrives home. She does not know whether her family has moved or if her mother is even alive. But Flora is no longer a part of the city. Her Dorobo attire and shaved head attract wide-eyed stares. Her sisters marvel at her ability to endure rural hardships.

Flora says that she originally left Arusha for a better life. As she sets off on her return trip, it seems that, for better or worse, she found one in the Serengeti.

Soothed by the Savanna's solitude

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