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rainforest : traditions
rainforest huts hunter's poison initiation rite bark cloth

The traditions of the Baka, Mbuti and other native tribes of the rainforest are firmly bound to the sea of green in which they have lived for thousands of years. The forest, for these groups, is not just a collection of trees, but a living being that must be treated with respect for the goods it provides. Since rainforest dwellers were originally nomads using perishable rainforest resources for their huts and personal possessions, preserving cultural artefacts is often a challenging task. As more of the African rainforest falls to the logger's axe, this difficulty only increases.

Photo Credits:
Rainforest Hut -- Mauro Campagnoli, http://www.maurocampagnoli.com
Hunter's Poison -- Mauro Campagnoli, http://www.maurocampagnoli.com
Initiation Rite -- Mauro Campagnoli, http://www.maurocampagnoli.com
Bark Cloth -- Tim Hamill, http://www.hamillgallery.com

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