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series profile: Charles Tinkewimeru

Charles, an enterprising businessman, is one of many men who have decided to reap the riches of Lake Victoria, at the heart of "liquid Africa".

Dissatisfied with life on his cattle farm in southwestern Uganda, he first headed to the country's capital, Kampala, where he worked in hotels, shops and for the coffee marketing board. Then, friends told him about the good money to be made as a fisherman on Lake Victoria.

But these days, Charles rarely fishes for himself. With the money he earned fishing for tilapia and Nile perch, he runs a fishing company and rents out equipment. Dried fish that are caught on his boats are taken to markets in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, while fresh Nile perch is sold to European-run factories for export.

With more time on his hands, Charles now also runs a tourist boat that runs trips to a chimpanzee reserve on Lake Victoria's Ngamba Island.

Charles' hard work is paying off. Now able to pay for special schooling for his children, Charles expects that they will attain even greater successes than his own.

At work on Uganda's Lake Victoria

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