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Great Lakes Sahara Sahel Ethiopia Rainforest Great Lakes Great Lakes Savanna Swahili Southern Africa

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great lakes: resources

BBC Environmental Aspects of the African Great Lakes Region


Learn more about the topography, population and environmental characteristics of the Great Lakes region. From the United Nations Environment Programme Global Resource Information Database

The Teaching & Learning about East Africa Project

Read about the people and history of East African Great Lakes countries Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, and Rwanda.

Buganda Home Page Focus on Culture

This is a portal for the Buganda people of Uganda, in the Great Lakes region. Full of interesting Buganda tidbits, you can look up clan totems and even listen to the Buganda anthem.

Frontline: The Triumph of Evil

This PBS Web site examines the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and why the West chose to look the other way.

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