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Cousin docummented story in a letter to my grandmother. Natchez, Adams County, Kingston Precinct, Mississippi 1880s These ancestors, are from Kingston, Mississippi, via "Malagasy" I heard the story growing up and it was documented in a letter.

"Grandma Holliday's Aunt and her Mother came from Malagasy. My mother pronounced it Malagasia". Aunt Affie was living when my mother was just a little girl. She cooked for a Dr. Fair (Farrer) who was a bachelor. He made her angry one day and she poured a tea kettle of boinling water on him and scalded him. She left hurriedly and came to grandma Holliday and stayed until things cooled down. She slept in the bed with Mama and Aunt Lizzi (both little girls at the time)... who would turn their backs because she spit when she talked....Mama said she would become angry if anyone said she was African. " Me no Africano". She spoke with broken English. Anyway, Grandma Holliday's' mother and Aunt Affie were the daughters of the chieftan and were stolen by slave trader while picking nuts or fruit. Aunt Affie... she came to Grandma when she and Dr. Fair had their differences. And when she scalded him she stayed longer, as it took longer for things to cool down. Grandma was living in Natchez at the time.

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