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A great cousin that is 96 years old Alexander City Alabama 1900s Her partents Heard it through relatives and research

In 1830s my great, great, great, great grandmother named Katherine born in 1777 and died in 1880 at 103 years old, came to Youngsville, now called Alexander City Alabama, with her slave master Harrison Young and his brothers, Bird, Ben, John. This unchartered place was not yet a town, and later become Youngsville, named after her master. She was the nanny of her masters 17 children. She had children of her own, one in particular named Isaac, who was sent out to work for the master’s brothers quite frequently. From the Will records in the county seat he seemed to be well liked.

As the town began to flourish and years began to pass (around the 1900s), the KKK emerged and intimated the blacks of the town. (which is believe to be headed by the white Young family)The KKK burned down a well known Black Baptist church and beat an black man and his young son. Stories revealed that the beaten black man walked to Montgomery Alabama, from Alexander City to report the incident to FBI, which is a good 68 miles to the FBI office. The walk took took three days. Evidentially the hooded KKK perpetrators’ was apprehended and jailed. The beaten man and his son are believed to be Katherine Young’s lineage and my descendants.

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