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Sharing Stories

We've provided a forum in which you can share your own family's stories, whether they've been passed down over generations or you've collected them yourself as part of an oral history project.

First, tell us a little about the story, just a few words to give us an idea of what it's about.

(For example: Is it a story of “advice” or “instruction”? About “overcoming adversity”? Is it about “work”? Or the “holidays”?)

Next, let us know how you heard this story

(For example: Did you do an oral history interview with an older family member? Is this a family legend? Is this a traditional story that has been passed down over generations?)

Next, let us know who in your family told you this story, or is the original teller of the tale

(we don't need a proper name, just tell us whether you heard if from your father, grandmother, cousin, aunt, et cetera)

Next, let us know where your relative or ancestor who told this story comes from

(For example: where does your family have its origin? Feel free to give us a city, or country)

Next, when did the events of this story take place

(let us know the year (1932), or the decade (the 1890s) if you don't know specifically)

Finally, where did the events of the story take place?

(Again, let us know a city or country -- tell us as much as you know)

Enter the text of your story here

The following information will not be shared; we would like to be able to get in touch if anything requires clarification.

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