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STORYTELLER: Father, grandfather, and step-uncle LOCATION: Oregon and Oklahoma YEAR TOOK PLACE: 1890s
TELLER'S PLACE OF ORIGIN: San Pedro, California HOW HEARD: family legend

When I asked either my father or his father the only story I recieved was that the mother and father, my great grandparents, I never met, were both Indian. I do not believe this. All they would say is that someone killed a white man and took their mate and left. The killing took place on the railroad on a push cart. Leaving the children to stay with the grandparents or maybe they took their children with them I could never get that part of the story corrected. This is the story from my father.

The story from came my step-uncle, who shared a mother with mu father, came from Oregon and their last name was Stockton. This was my grandmother's maiden name. The family came from Oklahoma as children: maybe two girls and a boy. Who the parents had taken the maiden name of Stockton. One of the parents ran because they had killed a white man while working on the railroad. At one point someone on my grandmother's side had tried to trace this story but never was able to find anything other than Oregon and the brother, who's last name was Stockton, who legend says he came from Oklahoma. How does a whole family get lost with no birth records and no census?

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