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STORYTELLER: my mother's father LOCATION: Ridgley, Maryland YEAR TOOK PLACE: 1850s
TELLER'S PLACE OF ORIGIN: Caroline County of the Eastern Shore of Maryland HOW HEARD: oral tradition

My great-great grandfather was noted as being a mulatto both in the 1850 and 1870 Federal Census. Oral tradition indicates that he actually had white siblings. He was from the Eastern Shore of Maryland and was born in 1835. His name was Medford Pritchett, and was my mother's great grandfather on her father's side. Tradition also indicates that he was related to a Pritchett family (Caucasian) who was a cabinet maker/undertaker, from Denton, MD. My research disclosed that he was named, Edward Pritchett.

Another important historical fact is that I was always told that my maternal grandfather, my mother's father, mother was Lydia, nee, Alexander. Her father was named Ferry (Ferrell) Alexander. They were cousins to the Philadelphia attorney, Raymond Pace Alexander, who was the husband of the first black judge, Sadie Mozzell Alexander.

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