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TELLER'S PLACE OF ORIGIN: Hinesville (Holmestown), Georgia HOW HEARD: Internet

It had to be one of the hottest days in July when my father, wife and I attended the unveiling ceremony of a monument dedicated to some 155,000 African American soldiers. I had been working on collecting information for my family for many years. On one of my trips to the National Archives, I came across information about my 3rd great grandfather fighting in the Civil War. I had heard it said that he was in a war, but no one knew exactly which war or any pertinent information about his service. After discovering information about my 3rd great grandfather, I was able to identify the war he enlisted in, his regiment and even the name of his slave master. It was at this point that my grandmother said she heard stories about her grandfather watching the Union Troops walking toward the house. While I was doing searches on the web about the regiment that my 3rd great grandfather fought with, there was an advertisement inviting descendents of U.S.C.T. to Washington, D.C. for a one time unveiling ceremony honoring all divisions of African soldiers fighting in the Civil War. This was an opportunity of a lifetime. There was a large crowd gathered down the street from Howard University. The ceremony was moving for my father and I. The names of the soldiers were scheduled to be placed on the monument by the end of that year. I have gone back at least twice to make sure that my 3rd great grandfather's name is on the monument and it is. Now I want to encourage my family to have a reunion in Washington, D.C. and let my family witness this great African American monument.

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