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STORYTELLER: My grandmother, grandfather and sister. LOCATION: The Congos in West Africa, Ireland, and America (Native American) YEAR TOOK PLACE: 1840s
TELLER'S PLACE OF ORIGIN: The Congos in West Africa, Ireland and America (Native American) HOW HEARD: passed down

My sister did some tracking along with my grandparents to trace our family tree. My grandfather on my mom's side is Irish and African. I remember my grandfather's mother had red hair and blue eyes. My grandmother's mom, on the other hand, is Native American and Black. She also had blue eyes and long wavy hair. To my understanding somehow my great-great-great grandmother was a short African woman from the Congos in Africa. She met a man who was Irish and Apache Indian. They began to have children which brought about my grandfather and then us. My grandmother's mom came from Louisiana. I'm not sure of the Native American tribe that she's from. They migrated to Texas in the late 1800's.

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