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Sharing Stories
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STORYTELLER: father, and his 2nd cousins LOCATION: South Carolina YEAR TOOK PLACE: 1900s
TELLER'S PLACE OF ORIGIN: Orangeberg, South Carolina HOW HEARD: family reunion

My paternal grandfather's only brother had an experience (there weren't many details to determine if it was a relationship) with a white woman, as a young teenager. White people found out and threatened to kill him. Somehow, he was able to get away and no one knew where he finally went. They didn't know if he was alive or dead. Finally in the 1980s my father's siblings heard from one of my great uncle's children, who is a nurse and lives in Florida. They learned that my great uncle was still alive, had just buried his wife, they had 22 children, a host of grandchildren, and changed his name. Shortly after the family reunion, my great uncle died. I was happy to at least meet him.

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