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STORYTELLER: My mother, aunts, uncles, and grandmother LOCATION: Mississippi YEAR TOOK PLACE: 1890s
TELLER'S PLACE OF ORIGIN: Greenville and Greenwood Mississippi HOW HEARD: passed down

My mother told me once when she was 13 or 14 years old, that she scracthed the head of the African, that African being her grandfather. As the story goes, my great, great grandfather, Sieven Brown was a slave. He reported to his children that he was 8 or 9 years old when he came here with his parents and siblings ( 2 brothers and 1 sister) from Africa. They were sold separately. He was bought by the browns and that was the last time he saw his family. He never worked in the fields, he was a house slave and he fed the field slaves in the trough where the pigs ate. There is a story where he and a friend were playing in a field and the found some gold. They divided it, my grandfather gave his to his master and his master kept it for him and if I remember correctly, my grandfather was able to use this money later on to purchase the family land. My grandfather married a woman name Henrietta. She was half European, part Native American and part African. They had 13 or 14 children. My grandfather Willie Brown was one of the children, He married my grandmother Ethel Boyd-Brown who is still alive (98 years old) and they had my mother, Corrine Brown. My grandmother is part African, part European and half Native American. Her Mother was Half european, part Native American and part African, her father was a black man named Jonus Boyd. My grandmother's maternal, grandfather name was Popa Moon, he was a full blooded Native American. I think they lived in Greenwood, Mississippi. We do not know anything about Henrietta's side of the family nor of Jonas Boyd.

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