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STORYTELLER: mother LOCATION: East Tennessee to Somerset Kentucky YEAR TOOK PLACE: 1900s
TELLER'S PLACE OF ORIGIN: Northeast Tennessee. HOW HEARD: told by my mother

This is a TRUE STORY as told to me and other members of our family about our/my grandfather (my mother's dad) who was a doctor in East Tennessee back in 1910 who made his own medicines to heal his patients.

He was called an Indian Herb Doctor, because he was part Indian and Black American.

My mother was born in 1915 to Dr. James S. Anderson, and Mary Bowman (a white woman) whom Doctor Anderson met in Kingston, Tennessee.

Back then this was unheard of. My mother was born into a home where her uncle was grand dragon of the KKK!!!

My grandfather had clinics in Kingston Tennessee where he saw patients on a regular basis with diseases of cancer and TB.

He moved to Somerset Kentucky where he built his hospital and treated the World War I Veterans who were overcome by the disease of TB.

Our grandfather died an early death, as we were told by our mother that our grandfather was murdered.

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