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STORYTELLER: Grandmother LOCATION: North Carolina YEAR TOOK PLACE: 1700s
TELLER'S PLACE OF ORIGIN: North Carolina HOW HEARD: paternal grandmother

Well, from what I gathered from my grandmother is that we are the descendants -- Great-Great-Great-Great Grandchildren -- of John and Samuel Adams it was a shock to me and my sister. She said that "The genealogy was done of our whole family sometime in the eighties." She also told me as a child her father wouldn't talk to her about their race or ethnicity and he valued the importance of family. My grandmother didn't say if they were slaves are not, she talked about the difficulty her family had felt from African Americans and whites; and the last name they had bared Adams. When I was a child there was a portrait of my great grandfather in the living room and I use to always ask my grandmother who is that "white man" and I'm interested in knowing more about my family tree.

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