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STORYTELLER: aunt, cousins, son LOCATION: Archer and Gainesville, Florida YEAR TOOK PLACE: 1850s
TELLER'S PLACE OF ORIGIN: Florida and Connecticut HOW HEARD: oral history

In the middle 1850s, my great-great-grandfather, Major Reddick arrived in Archer, FL. with his children and perhaps with his owners (we do not know) from Blakely County, GA. (no known information from here). As it is told, the Reddicks owned property in Alachua County and Major Reddick was a minister who married some of the couples from Rosewood (remember the story). Two of his children, Nelson (Nally) and Abraham(Abram) had many offspring. My grandfather, John Reddick was Nelson's son who left Archer and arrived in Key West, FL, where he and my grandmother had my mother Lorraine. Nelson had 10 children and in 2001, I re-introduced myself to his son Guy's grandson, Rudy (we knew each other for 4 years prior). Abraham was the stepfather of three young men (Benbows) who left FL. One of them settled in New Jersey, where a branch of our family lives now. He also had a daughter, Rebirda, who had several children and most of them and their descendents live in Gainesville. I knew bits and pieces of a story, my oldest son found a query on in 2001 and the rest is history. This year, I am helping to host our family reunion this summer.

We are still gathering information and finding more offspring as we research. There are a lot of Reddicks in Florida and other parts of these United States. We certainly welcome connectons to the group.

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