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Sharing Stories
One Families Story: Read a story matching the term you chose:
STORYTELLER: My grandmother LOCATION: Savannah, Georgia YEAR TOOK PLACE: 1850s
TELLER'S PLACE OF ORIGIN: Savannah, Georgia HOW HEARD: My grandmother

Up until my uncle Morris died in 1996 he had a sword given to him by his Dad ( my granddad). My Uncle in Tacoma now has it. The story goes: My great-great grandfather was born to a slave woman and a master (Morris McFarrel Anderson). He lived in the house with his family until his white father died. When he died, his half-sisters tried to sell him, so he ran away with horse traders. Sometime after that point he fought in a war...later on he walked back to Savannah, where he had children. One of which was my great grandfather Morris McFarrell Anderson, who kept the sword and gave it to my grandfather, who was born in 1902. My grandma had lots more details and we have some written down, she died in 1997 at 95 years old.

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