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STORYTELLER: Mother, aunts and uncles. LOCATION: Bostwick, Georgia YEAR TOOK PLACE: 1800s
TELLER'S PLACE OF ORIGIN: New Jersey and Pennsylvania HOW HEARD: Researcher and family members

My family story is about my maternal grandmother Hattie Robertson-Colquitt's family tree. My grandmother, Hattie, is the daughter of Sallie and Thomas "Dock" Robertson. My great grandfather, known as Dock, was born in 1867 and died in 1946 and is buried in the Robertson Memorial Cemetery in Morgan County Georgia. If I am correct, slavery supposely ended in 1866 which means Thomas "Dock" Robertson came in to the world during a major transition in this country which was Reconstruction.

My great grandfather's parents, William Robertson and Cheney McCoy, were slaves in Bostwick, Georgia. It is believed that they were probably married during slavery because there is no public record of their marriage. My great great grandfather Will Robertson, who was born in 1826 and died in 1870, was a slave of Charles and Sarah Robertson. When Charles Robertson died in 1854, his estate papers listed his slaves and my great great grandfather was said to be valued at $750. My great great grandmother, Cheney McCoy Robertson, was owned by Ewell McCoy who died in 1847. In his will he left his slaves to his daughter, Martha Frances McCoy. After the Civil War, my great great grandfather was freed, however he and other men stayed on the plantation to work as hands on 900 acres of land which was owned by Sarah Robertson. After his death in 1870, Cheney McCoy Robertson married Richard Baldwin and there is a marriage certificate on public record.

My family and I were pleased to obtain additional information concerning our family tree however, we would like to know what is my great great grandfather's real last name. When he became the slave of Charles and Sarah Robertson, he took their last name. At this point it is virtually impossible to obtain more information for our research.

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