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STORYTELLER: my aunt LOCATION: Baxley, Georgia YEAR TOOK PLACE: 1923

My aunt told me a secret that she had been carrying with her before she died. She told me that all my mother's brothers and sisters were from different fathers and that my grandmother never married any of them. I was never allowed to know my mother's side of the family in Georgia. My grandmother had silver dollars dating back to the early 1900s that I played with when I was little. I never understood why one had a hole in it. A lady in my office told me that slaves were paid with silver dollars and some were used for jewelry. My grandmother told me stories about picking cotton and tobacco and sleeping in a barn when she was young. She was bitten by a rattle snake and almost died because no one took her to a doctor. She told about sleeping with a bird over her bed at night. All of these things never made sense to me until now. I want to know the truth about my family's history but I have no contact with any of my family anymore. All are dead or I don't know them.

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