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STORYTELLER: My father, uncle and aunt LOCATION: Accomac County, Virginia YEAR TOOK PLACE: 1880s
TELLER'S PLACE OF ORIGIN: Doughtery, Virginia HOW HEARD: family story

It is said that my paternal great grandfather is of Irish descent. It is said that he met and married my great grandmother who is from Accomac County, Virginia, before the famous anti-miscegination laws were passed. The story is that he is from County Cork, Ireland. He moved to Philadelphia to live with my grandfather after the laws were passed in Virignia and it became dangerous for them to live together. My father's phenotype (manifestation of these supposed genes) speaks to this ancestry, as does my aunt and uncle's. My dad always said when I go angry, "That's the Irish in Ya'!" Although I am sure that is not a positive view of Irish people, it shows how much a part of my daily life this story is. I'd like to verify this story, but my Dad, uncle, and grandfather are all deceased.

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