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STORYTELLER: Aunt and Uncle LOCATION: Bradley, Abbeville and Greenwood, South Carolina YEAR TOOK PLACE: 1870s
TELLER'S PLACE OF ORIGIN: Greenwood, South Carolina HOW HEARD: Oral Discussion

When I was five I was very curious about my family's roots so I asked my aunt who was oldest the living relative at the time. She told me about my maternal grandmother

my great maternal grandmother and my great great grandmother, who was a slave from Africa. With this info I was able to track down 200 relatives and join them in their family reunion. My late wife did extensive research and came up with 400 more relatives. I'm still searching for family members with the surnames of Chiles, Lyons and Pickens from the South Carolina area. Descendants of Eliza Wideman Mose Chiles pleas contact my email address.

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