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STORYTELLER: Family Documentation and relatives LOCATION: Iberia, Louisiana YEAR TOOK PLACE: 1880s
TELLER'S PLACE OF ORIGIN: Iberia, Louisiana HOW HEARD: Family Documentation and relatives

My grandfather Anderson Lewis was born in 1895 to Clementine and Lion Lewis in Iberia, Louisiana. Both of his parents were born into slavery. Clementine had at least 17 children of which 16 survived infancy. Anderson moved the North in approximately 1910. Anderson made it to Massachusetts were he married, had 9 children with Kathleen and was a successful barber.

Today if you go to New Iberia, everything is named after a Lewis; there is a Lewis bridge, Lewis Street, and Lewis school.

About 14 years ago, I was privileged to have contact with my 2nd cousin of whose father was Anderson's brother. Anderson's brother's name was named Aurgusta (Nolan) and he was able to recall many things. I found out that Clementine was know as a healer and that my grandfather, Lion, was very strict. Lion was not scared of the KKK and fought them to protect his family and town.

My family and I are very eager to find descendants of the Lewis family of New Iberia.

We know that some of the family ended up in California, Texas, Atlanta (Georgia), and Pennsylvania.

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